Katarzyna Sikora-Felcyn is the owner and founder of FELCYN-NIERUCHOMOŚCI (FELCYN-REAL ESTATE) company.

She started her adventure with real estate market back in 2002 as a real estate appraiser. For a number of years she has been engaged in the valuation of various types of real estate, ranging from flats, houses or lands – to workplaces and commercial buildings. For more than 15 years she has been active on the rental and property management market, and currently is also trading real estate.

The commitment, passion and experience coming from many years of practice make Katarzyna a real estate expert. She offers personalized and professional service, advice and assistance in solving any legal and financial real estate problems.

License number of real estate agent: 22887.

FELCYN-NIERUCHOMOŚCI company provides a comprehensive range of services in the area of purchase, sale and rental of all types of real estate. It provides a reliable verification of the legal status of the property, prepares an attractive offer to be posted on the Internet, offers negotiation assistance, assists in completing all formalities necessary to finalize the contract and last but not least is already happy to advises.

It cooperates with the most important industry portals, so that clients’ offers reach a huge number of potential buyers.

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